Thursday, 24 April 2014

Printed Loveheart Bunting

I love lovehearts, so when I got my Cricut Machine and saw this design for this heart I knew I had to make something from it.

This tutorial will take you through the template you need, how to make the lino stamp and also how to create the bunting so its a bargain 3 for 1 tutorial!!! 

What you need:

Cricut Machine & Folk Arts Festival template (or craft knife if  you don't have a cricut)
Sticky vinyl
Lino cutting tool
Super glue
Off cut of wood
Black ink
Small sheet of glass (I used a photo frame)
Rolling pin
Lino brayer roller
Sewing Machine

Step 1 - Cut out your template

Using the online Cricut cutting room you can either create your own template or purchase ready made ones. I bought the folksy one as it has a really lovely font and lots of cute images. I loaded up my black vinyl on the cutting board and set it to the vinyl recommended settings.

Depending on how old your cricut mat is, might mean that the picture starts pealing away while it's cutting - this won't cause an issue unless a lifted piece catches the cutting knife and starts dragging it around. If this happens be ready to press stop on your computer screen quickly.

Step 2 - Cut your lino stamp

I then took my cut out vinyl design and placed it on top of a piece of cutting lino, after peeling the protective backing off. Once your sticker is stuck to the lino you can begin to cut it using your lino cutting tools (For those in Scotland, I learned how to do this at Edinburgh contemporary crafts). Once finished, your just remove the vinyl and your stamp is ready to go. 

Step 3 - Mounting your stamp (optional)

As an extra step I mounted my stamp on a block of wood with super glue so that when I was rolling ink on it I knew it was always on a flat surface and off of the floor/table. This is a step you don't need if you have a protective surface under your stamp.

Step 4 - Cut out your bunting

Take your Linen material and cut out a flag shape, which is big enough to fit your stamp. Then take the Hessian material and cut the same flag shape but slightly larger so that it acts as a border. Leave a slightly larger border at the top so you can fold it over later

Repeat this step until you are happy with the length of your bunting

Step 5 - Stamp your image

Put a little ink onto your glass - I used an old photo frame I had lying around. Then take your Lino brayer roller and roll it in the ink before rolling it across the top of your stamp.

Place the linen material on top and then roll on top of it with a rolling pin or glass for an even finish.

Step 6 - Sew your bunting flags

Pin your linen flags to your larger Hessian counterparts and then sew round the edge of each pair to attach them together. Remember to leave that larger border gap at the top!

Step 7 - Create bunting

Turn your flags over and one but one start dewing them to your twine. To do this I placed the twine near the top of the flag before folding it over on top of the twine and then sew the material in place.

Step 8 - Hang your bunting

Happily hang your bunting for everyone to admire and be dead chuffed with yourself! I know I was :)

I'll be back,

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