Saturday, 3 May 2014

Paper Rose Template

I has lucky enough to stumble on an amazing blog last month which is full of wonderful craft ideas

Elli is a fabulous shop for invitations and stationary and they also run a blog which is jam packed of tutorials and inspiration

One of my favourite tutorials on her site is paper rose. I have tried plenty of paper flowers in the past but this is by far the simplest and with gorgeous results.

How to make a paper rose

They have already supplied you with easy to use PDF templates to print these out but if lie me and your scissor skills are not up to par then I have creates a Cricut project which will let your machine do all the hard work so all you need to do is put it together

There are 2 layers to this template - one for the petals and one for the leaves, so that you can cut them out of different colour paper/card. The petals layer makes 1 rose but the leaves layer makes 6 so if you are making multiple flowers you only need to cut out one leave layer for every 6 petal layers. I you only want to make one then just delete the spare leaves that you don't need and they won't be cut out. As for how to put this template together - head over to for a step by step tutorial that is as simple as peas!
I've made a first attempt with some white card and it turned out not too bad if I do say so myself, so I'm looking forward to trying out some different colours!

and if you are using Cricut Design space then here are the .svg files for you!

Again I would like to give a massive thanks to Elli for the inspiration

I'll be back,


  1. Hi this is very pretty but it won't work with my Cricut Explore. We need svg. files for the Design Space program. It was nice that you tried. Thanks

    1. Thanks Janis - it's helpful comments like this which help me to improve what I do for you guys! hope you get some use out of the .svg files I've posted


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