Monday, 19 May 2014

Material Malarkey

The lovely women at Material Malarkey (Julie and Ali) got in touch with me last week to tell me all about the wonderful craft classes they do in Edinburgh and as luck has it they had an open evening coming up so I popped along to find out more about what they do...

The girls were celebrating the end of their 6 week Dress making course which had just finished the week before! Those who took part in the course turned up in their dresses and the rest of us admired their skills while drinking wine and eating lovely cakes!

You have to admit these dresses are gorgeous and look completely different but both are made from the same pattern. It just shows that from doing this one course you can learn the skills you need to make those few extra summer dresses you wanted this year but without the worry that you'll end up in the same one as your friend!

However if you are a newbie to using a sewing machine they have lots of beginners classes you can take as well and the girls I spoke to which did that one explained to me that as well as getting lots of support in the class, once you have learned the basics, you are all encouraged to do your own thing! I love this - there is nothing worse that coming out of a class with the exact same thing as everyone else as it's no longer one of a kind so it's great they give you that bit of extra freedom.

The venue itself is a nice location if you are toward the Leith end of town. It's at Johns Place so close to some bars if you want a wee drink with your friends after or if you are lucky enough to have the day off work, you can nip in to Mimi's bakery for some great sweet treats or dinner before hand.

The room inside of the building was a tight fit for the number of people we had in that night but most classes hold around 6 people so plenty of room to get that material spread out and get creative. They had pushed all the tables to the side so we had room to walk around but normally the are in the centre of the room with a sewing machine area as well. I have been to some free sewing classes in Edinburgh but you had to bring your own machine, so if you are just starting out and not sure if you want to buy a machine or not, then this is a good option to try before you buy!

So check out their website and see if one of their classes works for you! Also both Julie and Ali are lovely so if you have any question or would like some one on one classes then get in touch as I'm sure they would love to hear from you. 

I'll be back,

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