Sunday, 5 January 2014

Ribbon Tidy

I love ribbon, so many pretty colours and designs but I always end up with lots of little bits and pieces that are all over the place. As part of cleaning up my crafty act in 2014 I've made this ribbon tidy so that they no longer get lost at the bottom of my cupboard

What you need:

Wood (I got 6mm thick MDF from Homebase)
Wooden dowelling
Hot glue gun
Drill piece that will cut a hole larger than your dowelling

Step 1

Cut the wood to fit the space you are doing to put it in. My shelf was 38cm tall by 38cm depth and I had a 9cm gap on my shelf, so I cut the following:
38x9cm - 2 pieces
36x9cm - 2 pieces
45cm long dowelling - 2 pieces
2 squares of wood that are larger than the hole you will cut with your drill piece later on

Step 2

Drill 2 holes in each of your largest pieces of wood. Measure where you are going to drill the holes as it needs to be exactly the same on both pieces of wood as your dowelling will go through each. I also drilled a smaller hole further down the wood for my ribbon that had a very small centre hole to go through.

Step 3 

Take your two smaller pieces of wood and glue them at 90 degree angles to one of the larger pieces and let dry

Step 4

Put glue on the other ends of the small pieces of wood and then line up your remaining large piece of wood on top, making sure that it matches the holes on the other side

Step 5

Glue your small wooden squares to one end of each of the dowelling and then put the dowelling through the holes. 

Step 6

Your ribbon holder is now ready to start being filled. You can easily pull the dowelling out to put the rolls of ribbon on or if you have pieces of ribbon that are not on reels then you can tape the end to the dowelling itself and then roll it on, before taping the other end. 

For my ribbon with smaller reels, I knotted a piece of twine and threaded it through on of the smaller holes, then filled it up with ribbon before threading it through the other side and knotting again. I also used some more twine to tie all my balls of twine to the top of the holder, saving more room.

REMEMBER not to fill your dowelling up too much as it needs to have a bit of room left so you can pull them out without all the ribbon falling off them

I'll be back xx

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