Sunday, 5 January 2014

Get outta my drawers!

You can never have enough buttons but I have loads and they are in every nook and cranny of my craft cupboard so as part of craft cupboard 2.0 I wanted to make my own set of drawers to store them in. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be although I won't be winning any prises for my woodwork skills just yet as it was all a little bit wiggly! Still as long as the drawers pull in and out, what ease do you need?!?!

What you need:

Wood (I got 6mm thick MDF from Homebase and a thinner one for the sides of the drawers)
Wooden dowelling
Wooden angle moulding (you can find this next to the dowelling in Homebase)
Hot glue gun

Step 1

Cut the wood to fit the space you are doing to put it in. My shelf was 38cm tall by 38cm depth and I had a 14cm gap on my shelf, so I cut the following:
38x38cm - 2 pieces (sides of outer drawers)
38x10cm - 2 pieces (top & bottom of outer drawers)
38x12cm - 1 piece (back of outer drawers)
36.5x8.5cm - 3 pieces (bottom of drawers)
36.5x4.5cm - 8 pieces (sides of drawers)
9.5x9cm - 3 pieces (front of 3 drawers)
9.5x5cm - 1 piece (front of top drawer)
8x5cm - 4 pieces (backs of all drawers)
36 cm angle dowelling - 6 pieces (drawer runners)
2.5cm long dowelling - 4 pieces (handles)

Then sanded it all down so that it was all ready to be glued together.

Step 2

Glue the top and bottom of the outer drawers to the left hand side at a 90 degree angle.

Step 3

on the left and right hand side of the outer drawers, measure even spaces of where you want to place the drawer runners, making sure you put them at the same distance down on both sides. I made mine shorter than the wood you are gluing them to and then glued them so that there was a small gap at the front and the back.

I also wanted my top drawer to be slightly smaller than the others so I left a little less space between those runners and the top of the drawers.

Step 4

Flip the right hand side over and glue it down so that the runners are on the inside. Then you can glue the back piece onto your outer drawers as well

Step 5

Now you want to make your actual drawers. Glue the two side pieces onto the drawer base at a 90 degree angle. Repeat for all 4 drawers

Step 6

Take the front and back pieces and glue them on. I then went round the inside of all the drawers and did a layer of glue as I hadn't cut the wood quite straight enough and this filled in all the small gaps so no buttons would fall out.

Step 7

Take your small pieces of dowelling and glue one to the front for each of your drawers.

Step 8

As an extra step you can also make some dividers to glue into your drawers. This worked well for my drawers as my shelf is so deep it meant I could keep the drawers thin and make the most out of the length of them.

I also put a triangle divider into the top drawer and then covers some stuffing in material to make a small pin cushion, so that I could store all my pins and needles in a safe place.

Step 9

Then just put each of your drawers into the outer structure and fill it with all the bits and bobs you have lying around

I'll be back xx

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