Sunday, 26 January 2014

I'm on cloud nine with my woodwork skills!!

My sister is due a baby in just a couple of weeks now and my boyfriend and I are helping to decorate their nursery. she wanted a jungle theme so we are covering the walls in jungle animals and trees so to help the shelves blend into the picture, we decided to make some that look like clouds!

There were actually really simple to do - either that or my woodwork skills are improving!

What You Need:

Thick wood - I used a pine shelf I got from Homebase
2 corner plates
hot glue / wood glue
2 picture hooks

Step 1

Cut out a length of wood for the main part of your shelf (mine was 40cm long). You will also need 2 cloud shapes - one large cloud which is slightly bigger than the length of your shelf and one thats about half the length of your shelf.

Then cut the large cloud so that the bottom is the same length as the shelf but keep those end parts as you will need them later.

Sand your piece down and then you will be ready to assemble your shelf.

Step 2

Then using your corner plates, screw the large cloud to the base of your shelf on both sides. This will make your shelf sturdy

Step 3

Take your two left over bits of the cloud and cut a smaller gap in each and this will left them sit flush against your cloud with the screws inside

Step 4

Glue the ends back onto the large cloud and fill in the gaps with glue so they create a smooth surface

Step 5

Glue your small cloud to the other side of your base, picking either the left or right hand side of your shelf

Step 6

Give your shelf a couple coats of white paint to finish it off

Step 7

Screw some picture hooks into the top of your large cloud and then you can use these to nail your shelf into the wall

Step 8

Fill with your favourite toys and books but test it out before putting anything too heavy on it

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