Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Hidden Storage Solutions

My woodwork skills are really coming along and although my month of woodwork is nearly over, I think this is something that I will continue improving on because my flat is going to look so much better for the new storage solutions I'm creating.

But if you have had your fair share of book cases and storage boxes then check out these extremely cleaver storage solutions. Your friends and family will never know what you've hidden away!

This shelf has a secret compartment to hide those small items that clutter up your room

Picture of Floating shelf w/ secret compartment (I made it at TechShop!)

I love this picture frame storage for jewellery. I have lots of lovely pieces that sit in a drawer but this would keep them neat and stop them getting broken

Bored of having shampoos and cleaners all over your bathroom - well why not try this out for size?
There is no tutorial for this one but you could do something similar with wooden panels, some hinges and a locking mechanism to stop the panels opening.
stowaway bath panel

This bar is is AMAZING and all it took was a couple of Ikea bookcases hinged together on one side , then cover the outer in leather type material and stud round the edges. To finish it off put wheels on the bottom for easy movement and a lock on the front to hold it together!

This last tutorial however is the piece de resistance! Everyone has seen one of those bookcases that leads to a secret passageway...well now you can build your own and shock all your friends with your awesome skills

Be careful you don't end up going overboard like these folks though!!! 

For more fun hidden storage - check out my Pinterest

I'll be back xx

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