Sunday, 12 January 2014

Build your own Storage before this years Spring Clean!

This week I've been searching the net for some interesting storage ideas to help inspire me for the rest of my Craft cupboard 2.0 and I'f found some pretty interesting projects. Hopefully these people will help inspire you to and help make some useful storage items before you start your spring cleaning this year.

I love these personalised storage boxes from That's My Letter. They are a very classy looking shape and the idea of personalising them for the members of your family is a good way to keep everything organised.

Or if you are looking for something a bit simpler then this large storage crate is a really useful way to store blankets or toys but you still have the ability to see what's inside so you don't need to dig to the bottom to remember what's in there

I love this bar and I'm really tempted to make it for rolling my craft stuff from the bedroom to the living room so that I can stop dropping stuff on the way through! It would also double up as a handy service trolley for when we have friends round.

There are always lots of bits and piece you need to have stored in your bathroom, especially if you have kids so what about building this stool so you can help hide all those toys and your little one will be able to reach the sink with ease!

I like me you have ended up with lots of booze after Christmas and New Year then there are two funky ways for you to be able to store them but also turn them into a focal point in your house
Mind Bottling        

And if you don't mind paying for your woodwork plans then Iron Timber has some really great ideas up for sale in their Etsy Shop so pop over and check them out
Storage Bins Woodworking Plans

If you have something you would like to make out of wood but not sure how to do it, then get in touch on and I'll see if I can find some tutorials to help you out

I'll be back xx

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  1. Wow! That was something new to learn. Pallet Rack Systems are always useful. Thanks for sharing. Keep exploring.


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