Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Fluffy Wall Clouds with Teddy Bear Pockets

I wanted to incorporate clouds on my daughters wall so that the blue looked more like a cartoon sky, but I had to think hard about how to do this, as I didn't want anything that was going to be a pain to paint over when my daughter decides she wants skulls and crossbones instead. 

I knew it had to be
  • Something tactile for her to touch, helping with those baby sensory skills 
  • Easy to pull off the wall at a later date
  • Washable (well at least wipeable) if she gets mucky hand prints on it

and this design meets all those aspects so I think its a winner.

Before I start, this is just one tutorial in a range that will help you make a whole woodland nursery so if you would like to see the others then click on the image below

click here to create your own woodland nursery

What you will need:

  • White Felt
  • Toy/Cushion Stuffing
  • Chalk
  • A couple of different sized circles (I used mugs)
  • Needle and Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Command Strips

Step 1 - Create your Cloud Shape

Taking your felt and making sure it is folded in half, draw on your clouds with chalk. I used mugs to get the curves but you could draw it free hand

Then pin the material together (remember that it should be folded in half) so when you cut out the cloud, you have two the same size

I also cut out a circle and then took the top off it to make a pocket shape for the teddy.

Step 2 - Add the Command Strips

Unpin your cloud shape and take the side of the cloud that has the chalk on it, sewing half of a command strip on it, so the Velcro side is facing out (the other other part of the command strip will go on your wall). I used 1 strip for smaller clouds and 2 for bigger ones. They are light enough that 1 command strip should be fine but I wanted to make sure they sat flush against the wall by placing one at either side.

Take the other side of your cloud, that doesn't have a command strip and sew your pocket on, using your sewing machine. 

NOTE: Make sure when you put the cloud sides together that they line up with the pocket and the command strips both being on the outside. You don't want to end up wit the pocket accidentally being on the inside of the cloud.

Step 3 - Sew the Cloud Together

Pin the two sides of the cloud again and then sew around the edges, leaving a gap big enough to put the stuffing in.

Normally when sewing a cushion you should sew it inside out and then flip it out so that the seams are on the inside but I found it made a better shape with the seam outside and less hassle, therefore yours command strip and pocket should be facing out the way when sewing.

Step 4 - Fill it Up

Fill the cloud with stuffing, making sure you get into all the bumps. You don't need to put a lot in, just enough so that the cloud looks puffy.

You can then sew your cloud closed. You might wish to do this by hand but I found it easier to finish it up with my machine. I moved the stuffing into the middle as I stitched and then flattened it back out once finished.

Step 5 - Add your Teddy and get it on the wall!

What cloud would be complete without a teddy. My daughters have mine and my partner's childhood teddies as long as the first one we put in her cot, so that its a nice way to show off her extra special ones.

Then put the backs on the command strips so the Velcro sticks together. Following the instructions of your strips, remove the backing paper and push the cloud against the wall holding it on firmly for 1 minute.

And there you have it - fluffy wall clouds that are a cute storage idea. Hope you have fun adding a bit of 3D fluffiness to your room!

 I'll be back,

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