Thursday, 20 February 2014

Read my nails

I love nail art but I'm no expert so what I attempt is normally not that detailed but this tutorial will give your friends the impression that your nail artwork is tip top

I got the idea from Glitter Fingers but I simplified it a little and used some images I found in magazines as well.

What you will need:

old magazine / newspaper 
(Company magazine works well as it's not glossy and has cool fonts)
(probably meant to use medial alcohol but a shot of vodka worked for me)
light coloured nail varnish
clear nail varnish

Step 1

Layer a couple of coats of the light colour nail varnish on and let it dry completely

Step 2

Drop your scrap of paper in the alcohol and leave for 15-20 seconds

Step 3

Take the paper out and hold it text/chosen image side down on the nail and hold it in place for 30ish seconds. Make sure you press down on each part of nail over that time so the paper transfers over the whole nail

Step 4

Cover the nail with clear nail varnish to seal it

It really is that simple so give it a go!!!

I'll be back xx

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