Saturday, 15 March 2014

Knitted Baby Blanket

So when I found out I had a new baby nephew on the way, I got knitting fever bad! 

I made him baby booties and a hat but this blanket was my favourite! It was so simple to make and as it's made from wool and fleece, it's a really warm cover for in the buggy.

What you will need:

2 Shades of chunky wool - I got mine from John Lewis (I needed 1.5 balls of each colour)
10mm knitting needles - I got a pack of lots of sizes at a great discount from Curtzy
Thinner wool or thick thread (I used this navy glittery wool)

Step 1

Cast on 12 stitches and start knitting! 

You just need to do a simple Knit row for this pattern, nothing fancy. Also, if like me you are rubbish at counting your lines, then for each 2 knit lines you do, you start to see a pattern form in your knitting - I started counting this pattern and once I got to 50 I stopped. As the pattern was easy to see, I could check the count as much as I wanted without having to keep track in my head.

When you Cast off, leave a tail double the length of the width of your blanket - this will be used for stitching the pieces of your blanket together.

Step 2

Repeat 6 times - 3 in each colour

Step 3 

Stitch all your stripes together by holding two stripes together, so that one has the tail piece at the top and one is at the bottom. Put the tail piece through your sewing needle and weave in and out the long edge of both pieces, knotting at the end.

When you flatten it back out you will see the two stripes together, so just repeat the process until all stripes become one piece. make sure you always sew to the same size as it will leave a bit of a rugged look on one side that you can then cover up with the fleece. 

Step 4

Cut your piece of fleece so it is slightly larger than your blanket.

Lie your blanket on the ground so the side you like most is lying flat on the ground, then put the piece of fleece on top. Fold the fleece under round the edge of your blanket and pin it in place all the way around

Step 5

Take your thinner wool and do a blanket stitch all the way round

Step 6

Wrap your baby up in your AMAZING blanket, or yourself if you make it large enough!

Hopefully Jackson and I will have many long walks out and about so we make good use of this!

I'll be back xx

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