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Who do Voodoo - Make your own Voodoo soap

My friend Neil always buys the most awesome gifts (and finds the coolest wrapping paper) so when he gave me this voodoo doll cookie cutter I knew I was going to put it to good use!

I've always admired the people that can make soap look like cakes, and I guess a cookie is pretty close to a cake so when I decided to start making soap this cookie cutter was the first thing I pulled out the baking cupboard. The Voodoo doll itself was really simple but adding the red colour soap on top was a bit more difficult - not necessary to still make a really cool let's get cracking!

What you will need:

Essential Oil - I got mine from Essential Oils Direct on Amazon for super cheap
 Cinnamon - I used this for colouring and it has a nice smell
Red food colouring
Some kind of container that is big enough to contain your cookie cutter and is heat proof
plastic wrap

Step 1

Check your cookie cutter fits in your container. If you want to do lots you can use a much bigger container but I only wanted to do a couple as only had 1kg of soap and I didn't want to use it all up

Step 2

Take the cookie cutter out of the container and place it next to it. Then fill the container with water until it is level with the top of the cookie cutter. 

Don't overfill as it will make it very difficult to cut out your soap

Step 3

Get rid of any of the remaining water left in the jug and then pour the water from the container back in the jug.

This will let you know how much soap you need - I had 500ml of water so I needed 500g of soap, which I then measured out in a glass bowl

Step 4

Dry out your container and then cover the inside in plastic wrap. Smooth it out as much as you can so that you don't end up with lines across your soap.

Step 5

Put the water you had in your jug in a pan (adding more/less as needed depending on the size of your pan) and then put the bowl on top and start melting your soap. The water shouldn't be touching the bottom of your bowl, it should be just enough so that the bottom of your pan doesn't burn.

You can also melt your soap in the microwave but I prefer old school - Just Google microwave melt and pour soap if you want to find out more

Step 6

Pour your melted soap back into the jug and then you can start adding the smelly stuff! I used orange and a tiny drop of ginger oil, then adding a dash of cinnamon for the colour and extra Christmassy smell.

If you are struggling to get any lumps out of your cinnamon you can put it back on the heat for a little but and that helps smooth it out

Step 7

Make sure your cookie cutter is back next to the container and pour in your soap. I filled 2 containers with this amount

Step 8

Leave your soap to set for 15 minutes and then check to see how it's doing. It should be all one piece but still flexible so you can bend it without breaking. If you leave it too long then it will it make it too hard to mould

Step 9

Remove your soap from the container and then press your cookie cutter on it

Step 10

Remove the remaining soap from around the side and place it on some grease proof paper or same plastic wrap if it's not ripped

Step 11

Take the side of your cookie cutter that has the design and press it down on top of your soap. Again this needs to be done before your soap gets too solid.

Once I removed the cutter, I then pressed down in the heart a little more to give me some more room for the red soap.

Step 12

Take your remaining bits of soap and melt it back down again, adding a couple of dashes of red food colouring.

Step 13

Drizzel the red soap into all the places of the voodoo doll you want to be a bit darker. I left the soap to set a little before starting so it was a bit thicker and easier to pour.

Step 14

Leave your soap until it is completely solid and then you can put it in your bathroom to entertain all your friends or you can give it to someone as an awesome gift - and if someone gave you the cookie cutter you are using then remember to pay them back with one of you homemade soaps!

I'll be back xx

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