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About to Pop Baby Shower

Before last month I had never thought about themes for a baby shower before...apart from ehh baby themed! But the fabulous Jileen at work opened me up to a world of possibilities.

After searching through lots of themes (which we found on Pinterest) we settled on "About to Pop" and I wanted to share a guide to how we put it together.


Because we were doing this at work, we just sent out an email to invite people but there are plenty of ideas online on what you can do for your shower - Pinterest again is great for this


Balloon Popcorn Picture

We bought Red, White and small Gold balloons and stuck them to the wall to make a popcorn image. Because we were doing this at work we were worried about sellotape etc ripping the paint of the walls so we used blue tac to stick up large pieces of white paper and then stuck the balloons on that with some sticky dots. Also because I'd put the balloons on white paper, I could draw round them to emphasise the shape.


I made the popcorn bunting using my Cricut but I've also created an image file as well so that you can just put thin card in your printer and then cut out the shapes yourself.

Cut out as many as you need for the name you are using and "About to Pop" (I put the word "to" into one popcorn box). You will also need to cut/print all your letters as well. Then take a piece of string and then attach them all with gaps in between the words.


Around the room and one the food/drink we placed about to pop signs to tie the theme together.

                          Large Popcorn Box                                   Small Circle Image

For the .svg files you will need to build up the layers yourself to look like the images above!


We themed all the food and drink around things that pop:
  • popcorn
  • lollipops
  • cocopop cereal bars
  • popping candy
  • soda pop (cherryade & lemonade)
  • cake pops


We also bought some pieces to display it on the table:

We used the popcorn boxes as display stands for the cake pops as well - by placing polystyrene in the bottom of the box, the cake pop sticks fitted in and kept them upright.

We bought our cake pops from Blissful Bakes in Livingston - if you guys are local to the area then definitely check them out because they tasted great!


We got the baby momma lots of little gifts but my favourite by far was the nappy cake! Jileen put this together based on the theme and added in flowers, ribbon and tissue paper to jazz it up!


The girls came up with lots of fun games to play on the day as well.

Guess the Baby food

Each jar had a letter stuck to the front of it and they also printed of answer sheets for people to fill in.
The answer sheets and jars were passed around and each person tasted the food before writing down their guesses.

Pin the Sperm on the Egg

Everyone in the room was asked to draw a sperm on a post it note. We then took turns getting spun around with our eyes closed and placing our sperm as close as we could to the egg on the wall.

We had winners for:

  • best sperm
  • closest to the egg
  • furthest away from the egg

Don't say the B word

Everyone in the room got a disposable bib at the start of the shower. Then if you said the word "Baby" you had to remove your bib and put it on the washing line of shame.

By the end of the shower, those with these bibs remaining had to play one final game.

We each had to blow up a balloon and then put it up our top - not easy when you are wearing a tight dress! Then a load of toys/baby items were scattered on the floor and the person who picked up the most toys was the winner

These toys/baby items can then be given to the baby momma or you can just print off pictures of toys and place them on the floor instead, if you want to save a bit of money.

Hopefully this has given you some baby shower inspiration - they really are so much fun for everyone and a good way to spend some quality time with your friends before the baby comes along.

I'll be back,

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