Sunday, 22 June 2014

Modified band tshirt

I took all my favourite band tshirts to hellfest in France but hadn't quite banked on it being so hot! After the first day I decided to modify some of my tshirts and came up with this design

Step 1

Pick your tshirt

Step 2

Cut round the neck line. You can also cut the sleeves but I like them left on

Step 3

Fold your tshirt in half so that the front and the back of the tshirt are both folded away from each other

Now you want to cut the back of the tshirt. Take your scissors and cut lots of lines that are slightly angled upwards. You want these lines to be long at the top and short at the bottom, forming a triangle shape


Step 4

Stretch you tshirt lengthways. This makes the straight lines slightly curled

Step 5

Next comes the weaving part. Take your first line and fold it in the middle forming a loop. Then in your other hand, take the line below and feed it through the loop, this forms your second loop. Keep repeating this process until you reach the bottom. I cut my last line in half and put one side through the loop before tying in a knot a couple of times to secure

Step 7

Put that bad boy on and strut round your campsite showing off your handy work!!

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