Monday, 6 October 2014

Ding Dong the Bells are going to Chime - Home Made Dress for a Wedding

My little brother got married a couple of weeks ago in VEGAS! We all had the most amazing holiday and I couldn't be happier for them but before I write my post with all the crafty things I made for their wedding I wanted to ease myself back in with a simple post about the dress I made myself for their big day

note: the back picture was taking before I painted the diamonds on the dress

So the pattern I used is a Vogue Pattern and I picked mine up at Remnant Kings but you can get yours on sites like Ebay if you don't have the same store near by

I also bought my material at remnant kings - 5 meters of this Light Mint Cotton (although think I only used about 4 meters for the dress). This pattern isn't easy peasy but I have very limited sewing machine skills and managed to knock it up in a day so it can't be too bad!

Once I finished the dress, I made a diamond shape with my Cricut software (check out my cricut projcets page for the diamond template) and then I printed out 3 different sizes of the diamond on vinyl and laid it onto lino blocks to make a stamp like this tutorial

I then used my white fabric paint on the lino block and then printed diamonds in a triangle formation at the bottom of the dress, largest at bottom getting smaller as they go up. In retrospect the white paint didn't work very well with the lino block and I had to go over a lot of it with a paint brush - so I'd probably use proper lino paint if you have time to buy some. I also took the smallest diamond and placed one near the top of my dress, painting two lines out of it so it looked like a diamond necklace.

To finish of the dress, I look a piece of lace and hand-sewed it round the middle of the dress.

I love the final result and I hope you do to - it just shows that you should judge a pattern based on the image you see on the front, there is so much you can do to it if you use a little imagination!!!

I'll be back,

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