Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Easy Halloween Lantern

This lantern is super quick and easy to do
Perfect for those who need some last minute Halloween decorations

I opened my Cricut Craft Room today to find I had a new free cartridge - 3D lanterns and I love to try out anything new so I set to work straight away

Now I think this is how you are mean to use these images but my way is even quicker and lets you use real candles, rather than fake ones

Cricut 3D Lanterns in an assortment of cardstock. Translucent layer is tracing paper.
Taken from Becky Baugh on Pinterest

What you will need:

Jam Jar
Black Card
Tissue Paper
Sellotape or Glue
Cricut with 3D lantern cartridge

Step 1:

Measure the circumference & height of your jam jar. Then take one of the lantern images and expand it in Cricut Craft Room until it is slightly larger than your jar (as you want it to overlap a little)

Step 2:

Take your black card and cut out the lantern image using your Cricut

Step 3:

Cut out a piece of tissue paper that is slightly smaller than the size of your cut of black card and stick it to the back so the tissue shines through

Step 4:

Wrap the card round the jar so the black card is on the outside and the tissue is against the jar, then tape the overlapping edges of black card together so that it forms a cylinder around the jar.

Step 5:

Drop your tea light inside and light it - making sure you keep the flame away from the paper!!!!

Easy peasy and super effective for any Halloween household!

I'll be back,

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