Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas Champagne Glasses

What you will need

  • Champagne Flute (or any other glass you want to decorate)
  • Metallic coloured Sharpies (I found a pack with gold, silver, red & green in Ryman)
  • Christmas snowflake template & Printer
  • Masking tape


Step 1 - Position your design

Before starting give your glass a wash and dry well - you don't want any greasy fingerprints ruining your design

Cut out the text / image you want to use and stick it in place on the inside of your glass using masking tape. 

I tried two designs (both are on the template supplied):
  • All I want for Christmas is bubbles
  • You're my snowflake
or you could try your own idea. I quite like the thought of using them as place setting on your Christmas table and come up with a personalised glass for everyone.

Step 2 - Draw your design

Holding your glass, draw over the top of the template with a Sharpie pen on the outside of your glass. You can also add on any extras you want to draw freehand, like these cute little bubble. I did this one line at a time, keeping the dots close at the bottom and further apart as I worked my way up.

Step 3 - Finishing Touches

I fancied a snowflake design on the base of my glass to add a little bit of extra glitz. This part was really simple as I just places the snowflake image under the glass and then draw the design over the top, adding some extra shapes round the edge.

Step 4 - Go get a drink

After all that crafting it would be rude not to test them out! Just make sure you hand wash them and dry carefully but the Sharpie should stay on pretty well

I'll be back,

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