Monday, 5 January 2015

2014 - What a Blast!!!!

New nephew, new tattoo, newly weds, painted tigers, joint birthdays, MOD photography, Hellfesting, TV premiers, baby showers, screaming in the middle of the street once I found out my friends are having twins, musical bingo, new hair, not saying goodbye at leaving parties, road trips, new sisters, bridesmaid for my sister from another mister, pirate parties, Marge Simpson hair, lots of punk gigs, geeking out, celebrating 12 years of love, Lady Gagaing with my maw, meeting baby Ella and toilet roll snowmen 

2014 you have rocked my socks off and there have been too many happy times to name them all but I want to thank all my friends and family for making this year so special.

I also want to thanks all of you guys for supporting me through my new crafty adventures

At the start of last year I made a new years resolution to learn a new craft every month and for once, I managed to stick to a resolution...ok so December is a bit of a cheat but I tried new techniques I hadn't previously used so I am still counting that as a win!

Now I know some months are a little light on tutorials at the moment. I have the photos ready to go and just need to start putting pen to paper, so I promise even though it's a new year there is still some of 2014 to appear on your screens.

I ended the year on a real high when a few of us at work got together to organise a "Make your own Christmas Bauble Lunch" to raise money for a local children's charity. We raised £180 which will also be matched by my day job company (Sky) to bring the total to £360. Not only did I make some new crafty friends in the office, but I'm over the moon that we could use our skills to help buy children, who would normally go without during the festive period, some Christmas gifts.

So what's in store for 2015, I hear you ask? 

Well you may remember my boyfriend and I started a crafty alphabet challenge but unfortunately, because of all of the weddings, baby showers and other party organising, we didn't have much time left over to give this our full attention.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about then here's the haps:
Basically we put each letter of the alphabet into a cup and whimsically pulled out a letter from the cup when we were bored. We would both create something beginning with letter and I would put them up on my site for you to see

So this year we are starting afresh, 26 letters and counting - who knows, it might even get competitive....

Anything else?

Well that would be telling wouldn't it! I have a few things in the pipeline which hopefully you will see more of this year but I'm not giving anything away yet

Thanks again my little beauties. You have kept my year full of joy and I'm hoping this is the start of something amazing!

I'll be back,

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