Sunday, 12 April 2015

Gluten Free Baking - Lemon Tartlette with a Raspberry Sorbet

I'm trying to eat a bit healthier at the moment but love my puds so I tried my hand at a few Gluten Free recipes I'd seen on Pinterest

My first shout out is to Hidden Ponies for there fabulous Lemon Curd Mini Pies (which I made a little less pie shape so I could try out one of my new moulds). The coconut in the cases with lemon filling is a match made in heaven. I will definitely be making these all summer!

The second is one of my favourite desserts - good old Raspberry Sorbet, and I found a great recipe Eat Well 101. 

Both of these treats work wonders together and will bring a kick to your summer dinner party so get that pinnie on and try your hand at these simple summer favourites!

I'll be back,

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