Sunday, 25 October 2015

Newborn Snail Costume

My daughter is now almost 10 weeks old but she really is the most tiny baby (still only just 5lb) so finding a Halloween costume to fit her this year was pretty impossible. I set myself a task of creating my own but it had to be something simple enough that I could fit it in between the little ones feeding, sleeping, get the idea. Then it hit me that since she already had a woodland themed room it would be great to use that as the background and that's when I thought of a snail costume.

This costume really is simple. I completed it in half a day but it only took about an hour in total to pull together. I'm so chuffed with the results and hope that it helps someone else out how is stuck for a quick and cute costume this Halloween.

What you'll need:

1/2 meter of Jersey Material (I chose grey but you can be more adventurous if you want)
1/2 meter of any other material for the shell
bubble wrap (or another very light material)
Fabric snap fasteners or velcro
sewing machine

NOTE: you might need more or less material depending on the size of your child

Step 1 - The Hat

Step 2 - The Body

Step 3 - The Shell

And if you are felling really adventurous, you can create a little woodland scene for some super cute photographs.

I've also created a image tutorial card that you can easily share and store the instructions

I'll be back,

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