Monday, 19 October 2015

Fun Snacks for Kids

It can be difficult to get your little ones to choose a healthy snack over a sugary option but these butterfly snack bags will get them excited about fruit and veg, as well as being an easy way to transport food on a day out or for a kids party.

What you will need

sealable sandwich bag
pipe cleaner
googly eyes
double sided tape
choice of snacks

Step 1 - Store your snack

Open your sandwich bag and put snacks into both bottom corners. Its up to you if you mix your snacks up or leave them separated on opposite sides like mine. Seal the sandwich bag, making sure you push out all the air out before you seal it, and then twist bag in the centre and put the peg over it.

Step 2 - Give your butterfly a face

Take your pipe cleaner and fold it in half then roll in the ends until it looks like the photo above. Then pinch it in the peg to give you the antenna. Finish off the face by stick your googly eyes on the front of the peg

Step 3 - Optional extra snack

I wanted to add a little something extra to my snack so using some double sided sticky tape I attached a mini cheese block to the back of the butterfly but you could use other sealed snacks like raisin boxes or yoghurt tubes.

Enjoy your snack and hopefully the 5 minutes of piece and quite you get while your child is eating.

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