Friday, 1 November 2013

Last Minute Halloween Decorations

Having a Halloween party tomorrow? running out of time to get things really? Well here are a few quick tutorials to make sure your party goes off without a hitch!

Last weekend I threw a Halloween party but it had been a long week at work and I had to rush Friday night and Saturday morning to get everything ready. Halloween crafting doesn't need to be difficult though so I quickly pulled together a few ideas and gave them my best crack with thinks I had lying around the house...

I used this ghost tutorial and used a cheap wreath I had bought for Christmas, which I wrapped in black material and added bats and a boo sign for a spooky welcome message! Best thing was that I didn't actually need to glue anything to the wreath so I can unwrap it all and still use it for Christmas.

floating cheesecloth ghost     

You have already seen my wallpaper bunting but this was great to jazz up the walls a bit.


These ravens were soooo cheap and easy to do. I just drew one raven as a template and then cut round it to make the others. I did some bats as well for an extra spooky feel.

To add a bit of atmosphere to the place I made these mummy candle holders using a bandage from my first aid kit, a jam jar and a couple of googly eyes which were in my sewing box (but you might have some stuck on one of your old birthday cards)

Halloween Crafts 2 15     

I had a friend coming who can't eat gluten or wheat so I wanted to make a cake she could eat, unfortunately it was so hot in the flat that it melted before see arrived and then after I cut one slice off, the cat jumped up and started licking it - typical! At least my mate got a piece.
I used this tutorial for the design and then used my cake angels book for the recipe. 


This was my favourite decoration! this creepy hand print was really easy to make and only needs PVA glue and some food colouring - easy peasy!!


Once the guests got in the mood we started playing a part game that had tricks for the losers and treats for the winners.

We had alcoholic test tube shots (pink for treats and green for tricks)

Blood-Orange Cocktails     

And for those who weren't drinking - we had spider lollies which I'd already bought on Amazon (cookies and cream for the treat and BEER flavour for the trick)

So hopefully these will help you out before tomorrow night and hope you all have an amazing time.

 I'll Be Back xx

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