Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Wallpaper Bunting

So you have maxed out your Halloween budget on your costume and you still have to decorate your house before your friends turn up. This tutorial will show you how to make a really cheap and simple bunting that you can jazz up your living room for any occasion!!


  • wallpaper samples (you can pick these up for free at any DIY store)
  • scrap of cardboard (but you can use a piece of wallpaper if you don't have any)
  • twine or ribbon
  • double sided tape
  • pencil
  • scissors

Step 1 - Make your template

Draw your design on your scrap of cardboard. I use a diamond kind of shape so that you can fold the top over the twine. Carefully cut out your template and put it to one side.

Step 2 - Draw your flags

Unroll your wall paper and place your template on the underside. Draw round your template and repeat the process until you can't fit any more on your piece of wallpaper

Step 3 - Cut out your flags

 Then cut out each of the flags and separate them into piles of the same design. Mine were a bit curly from the wallpaper being rolled so I lay books on top of them for a while to flatten them.

 Step 4 - Add flags to your twine

Taking 1 flag at a time, place a piece of double sided tap just under the largest part of the flag, then place your twine on top, before folding the flag over the twine. Repeat the process until you get your desired length.

Step 5 - Hang your bunting

it really is that simple - all that's left is to hang your bunting for your friends to admire. The best bit is you can easily remove the flags and reuse the twine for new bunting to match your next occasion.

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