Saturday, 19 October 2013

Cutest Kid Costumes Ever!!!

Error 404 - Homemade costumes for boys

Don't forget your child's costume this year!!!!! These costumes will hopefully give you inspiration so your kid is the talk of the town and save you hours trawling ebay for something cheap. 

Some of these pictures are so cute I don't even have words so I'm going to let the pictures talk for themselves this time...

No Sew DIY Elmo Costume on #halloween #tutorial #sesamestreet

sip_hal_09_owl.jpg    DIY Bird Wings Costume for Kids
       Owl Costume - Martha Stewart                     Bird Wings - Handmade by Charlotte

Paper Doll Costume Correct- Image Collection

Hoping this kid got a few Reese's Pieces ...          Wall-E Costume
            ET Costume - SFGate                                        Wall-E Costume - Toxel

Dobby Costume - Tips for mums               Harry Potter & Dog Costume - Costume Pop


DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids
Toy Soldier Costume - Odd Sundays



      Little Old Lady - Homemade costumes for babies

Crazy Cat Lady - Homemade costumes for girls

I can picture you all in your living rooms right now going awwwww - and no wonder, aren't they all amazing!

I'll be back xx

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