Friday, 18 October 2013

What's the most important Halloween party preparation?!?!

Why your costume of course! 

10 years ago my boyfriend turned up to our freshers Halloween party at uni wearing the coolest costume and if I wasn't already in love this one made me knew he was a keeper

This part of my party prep always takes me the longest...deciding what I want to wear. Hopefully I will cut this time down for you with the most amazing costumes and make-up ideas! I was truly blown away by these people and so will your guest be!

The mouth on this Cheshire cat makeup is fab and i love the outline on the nose, it make it look more cartoon style. I've also found this super cute hoodie that can be used for the costume and chillin' at the weekend 

             Halloween Tutorial | Cheshire Cat Makeup        
                                      Cheshire Cat - LinzMushel                Costume by Technicolor Trashion

Or if superheros are your thing then how about going as a super villain this year?!?! there are so many sexy villains but I love this poison ivy costume and makeup - this is a definite possibility with my red hair. You could also just by a sleek green dress that can be worn again as the costume.

            Poison Ivy - Jangsara                                        Costume by Geek With Curves

Walking dead has made Zombies the new big thing again over the last couple of years. I love the skin effect on this makeup tutorial and making the outfit is super simple so you can concentrate on the face. Also a good way to use some of those old clothes that haven't seen the light of day in a while!!

                         Zombie - Smokin Makeup                           Costume by Wikihow

Or if you want an up market zombie then try this glam zombie tutorial! I love the idea of mixing this up with something like the Bjork dress so that you have double the wow factor

       Love this Bjork Swan dress for Halloween! (click through for full tutuorial)
                     Zombie - Jangsara                             Bjork Swan Dress - A Beautiful Mess

Not big on the whole costume thing?! What about just some makeup & a wig with these pop art tutorials! Simple by really effective - you'll be the work of art everyone is talking about at your party.

pop art halloween makeup           
                 Pop Art - Anna Marie                                               Pop Art - Vlamboyant

And if you don't fancy something glam, then why not go for the shock factor! I think the image below says it all...

So hopefully you have been inspired but if you are too busy trick or treating with your children to get dressed up yourself then my next blog post is for you - or to be fair if you just want to see the cutest costumes ever then you'll want to check it out to!

I'll be back xx

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