Saturday, 7 December 2013

Happy Birthday Quinn

Today is my amazing boyfriends  birthday so I thought id take a break from the Christmas theme to wish him a very happy birthday and share this monster cupcake tutorial with you guys!

What you need:

Cupcake Iingredients ( I use this recipe and it comes out perfect every time

Whipping cream
Muffin or large cupcake cases
Monster Cupcake pack (mine came from hobby craft)

Step 1
Bake your cakes using the recipe above but split it between the cupcake cases
I used a heaped teaspoonful in each but it depends on the size of your cases. You dont want to fill it by more than half as there should be room at the top of your case when you are finished baking them

Step 2
Once your cakes have cooled, scoop the centre out of each of the cakes

Step 3
Whip up your cream and then add it to the holes in your cake

Step 4
Take the smaller of your cakes out their cases and place them upside down on top of a cake you have left in the case

Step 5
Cover your cakes as you wish. I had lots of left over whipped cream so I used that but you could use butter
icing or something similar instead

Step 6
destract whoever you are making them for - I put Quinn in front of the xbox :)

Step 7
Take your monster decorations and go crazy!!!

Hope you guys have had as much fun as us today 

I'll be back xx

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