Sunday, 11 August 2013

A new begining...

Crafta La Vista has been my baby for the last couple of years and today I've decided to take it in a new direction.

I started a facebook page in 2012 to sell sock animals after my amazing boyfriend gave me a book on how to make them for valentines day but over time my ideas developed and craft projects exploded all over my flat.

I've tried to rein it back in and focus on one project to sell but the thing I love doing most is showing you guys how to make fun and unusual pieces, as well as finding other amazing tutorials from all you crafty people out there.

I'll still have a section on my facebook page for items I'm selling, but it will no longer be the main focus of my time. You'll also start to see more kits, like "Make Your Own Jam Jar Candle Holder" appear on my page over the next year so keep your eyes pealed! Other items such as sock people portraits are available on request, please email for more information.

So hopefully you love the new direction and will continue to support my work! You guys have been fabulous and have made me love what I do - THANK YOU!

Nicole aka Crafta La Vista

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About This Blog
A blog for fun and unusual Craft tutorials This year I will be learning a new craft every month - if there is a craft you would like to learn, let me know

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