Saturday, 17 August 2013

Edinburgh Contemporary Crafts

Today my boyfriend and I battled the festival crowds on our way to a lino carving course with Edinburgh Contemporary Crafts on Blair St.

Lino carving?!? I hear you say...

Well it's a way to make print stamps that you can use again and again for cards, bags, clothes and more!
Our instructors were great - we were greeted with a warm welcome as we were shown to our seats and then they supplied us with the tools we needed to get started. They gave us paper to practice on and showed us how to carve the lino, making sure you know to carve the background so that you are left with your stamp image,  ready for painting. They also have a range of pattern books for you to look through and get inspiration.

You are then left to your own devices and there is no rush to get finished. They were open from 1pm - 9pm and you can bring your own booze so great for a girly day out. The girls were still about to give you a helping hand if you needed it.

Once you are finished making your printing stamp, you go over to the painting section.  There are a range of coloured paints to use and a choice of white or brown card to print on. We had fun experimenting with the different colours and even tried out some layering.
It was great to see how different everyone's designs were and you get to take everything you have made home with you - I'll definitely be checking out what other courses they have on!

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