Monday, 16 September 2013

Crafty Storage Solutions

It's a new week and boy is it a cold one...the weather has suddenly changed and I've had to put the heating on for the first time brrrrr

But on the bright side it also means a new blog theme and while you are tucked up warm in your house, what better to do than start organising all those bits and pieces you have collected over the summer months.

While searching around this week I found a fun one to do with the kids - check out these fab storage boxes by Aimee Ledwell.

In the tutorial she uses orange boxes but I've come up with some alternatives if you can't get your hands on them:

Empty Shoe Boxes

Plant Pots

Empty Food Cartons

I've found so many more amazing things to show you this week...I'm soooo excited!!!

I'll be back xx

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