Monday, 30 September 2013

A crazy little thing called art

Ever looked at a picture and had to double take? Well I love that kind of artwork, the kind that really makes you look closely to see the real image. Don't worry, I'm not going to start throwing arty terms about because I'll probably use them wrong but here are a few crazy pieces of artwork you'll love to get your head around!

One of my favourite artists is Tom French. His use of figures within a face or skull is extremely clever. I'm a big fan of skull artwork as my friends and family will tell you, so even just the outer image I find gorgeous but as your eyes start to peal away the surroundings and focus on to the figures contained inside I am just outstanded by the level of details and emotion that comes from the people inside the painting.

   Dualism (3) hand finished_with background_b       Cranio Anatomia_Tom French 2

But Tom isn't the only artist that uses this concept. What about this take on a Van Gogh by Oleg Shuplyak! If you click on the link below the image then you will see many more famous figures transformed into optical illusions.

The next painting by George A Wotherspoon takes a simple piece of human nature, gossiping, and shows it's sinister side as it's portrayed inside the face of a devil
Gossip, and Satan came also Created by George A. Wotherspoon

Finally we have a picture from Rob Gonsalves. This one takes a different direction by taking figures and transforming them into a beautiful landscape.

Rob Gonsalves - Water Dancers

If of any you have favourite pieces of illusion artwork then please share them in the comments section below. We would love to see them!

I'll be back xx

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