Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunday afternoon crafts from Friday night's bottles

You have spend Friday night polishing off that bottle of booze with your best mates, on Saturday you couldn't even face the mess you have left in the kitchen  but wait...before you start throwing away those empty bottles on Sunday, thing about what fabulous things your could make from them!

Booze Bottle Lamp

My mate Corrine has always had a sense of style that's inspired me since we started uni together - from her Marlin Monroe picture in her dorm room in first year to the very cool new black and white theme which has started to transform her livingroom. She was the one who showed me the wonders of a Gin & Tonic so after a fun night in the flat I kept the bottle and hatched a plan to make her a present (don't get too excited Cozza, it all goes horribly wrong)

Step 1
I started by soaking the bottle in hot water until the labels fell off. This also helped to clean out the bottle.

It's up to you whether you want to do this part as you might prefer the look of your bottle with the label still on. Leave your bottle to dry upside down as you down want to mix electricals with water. and when dry you will be ready to start.

You will need:
  • 1 empty bottle 
  • wire
  • plug
  • light fitting
  • wire cap (for earth wire if your light fitting is plastic)
  • drill piece for ceramics (must be a larger diameter than your wire)
  • glue gun
  • protective gear (minimum requirements - goggles and mask)

Step 2
Get suited up and put your goggles on! You are going to drill glass so make sure you are safe!

Step 3
Lie your bottle down on it's front. If you think you might struggle to hold and drill it then ask someone to help you out.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU DO THIS - otherwise this might happen :(

Sorry Corrine, I really did want to make you a present but it wasn't to be this time - we will just need to drink another bottle YAY silver lining and all that

Step 3.5
Get another bottle

Step 4
Do a happy dance when you manage to drill a hole in the bottle without breaking it

Step 5
Feed your cable through the hole and up through the opening on your bottle

Step 6
This part is very dangerous, if you wire the light incorrectly, then you could electrocute yourself so please Google how to do this before you start.

I took my piece of wire and striped it back as required. I then hooked it up to the light fitting and put a wire cap on the earth wire. 
Note: you only need to connect the earth wire to the fitting if it is metal. My fitting is plastic so I just capped it off - do NOT leave any loose wires hanging without capping them.

Step 7
When the light fitting is in place, put a bit of glue round the top of the bottle to keep it in place...again be very careful not to get any hot glue on the wires or metal connectors in your fitting!

Step 8
Put your lampshade on and screw the white plastic bit of the fitting back on to keep it in place. Then put your light bulb in and turn it on!!!

I tried it with a few different shades before I settled on one but I thought they all looked nice.

The final result works really well with in our livingroom (is it bad that it makes me kinda happy the Gin bottle broke tehe)

Oh - and if you don't want to make your own, then please feel free to send us some booze and I'd be quite happy to make you one with the empty after I've drank our way through it!

I'll be back xx

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