Saturday, 21 September 2013

Kitsch Kitchen Storage

If like me, your kitchen is a tad on the small side then coming up with crafty storage solutions is a necessity!! So feast your eyes on these beauties...

the right shade of green
Not only is this a fab way to store your utensils but you would save the space of a whole drawer. All you need is a few cane hoop, some wire to connect them together and then some S shape hooks to put over the top of the hoops. If your utensils don't have a hole to hang them on at the bottom then you could drill one. Simple but so effective!

Make great super hero jar toy storage in minutes with this super simple tutorial.  Plus learn all about the new Super Buddies movie from Disney.

Jazz up those pasta jars with this super tutorial! You don't even need to stick with these superhero figures, you could use something like wooden letters instead.

For all your extreme couponers out there, think about how much cupboard space you could save with one of these on your wall. You could even add hooks for can openers!

Or if you want something a bit more classy - what about this creation! However I do think if you have small kids running about, this probably isn't the safest of the two options.


This isn't really a space saving tutorial but it is a beautiful way to display your wine - you could paint it any colour to fit in with your decor and it it can be finished in 4 simple steps. Also you get to have a bit of Martha Stewart in your house!

I'll be back xx

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