Thursday, 26 September 2013

I'm a crazy cat lady!

I have 2 cats and I love them to pieces. Meet Jess and Lemmy

Quite a few of my friends and family have cats to and yes...most of us are crazy cat ladies :)

So picture this - it's your birthday and your mate has just handed you a present. You are both massive cat fans and she always gets you something cat related (which you love) but this year she's gone that extra mile with your gift and got you one of these:

felted kitty finger puppet - felted out of real cat hair

Awww how cute, and look at that little sweet necklace but can you believe it's really made out of cat hair?!?!

You may find yourself asking - Where would I keep something like that in my house... handmade and vintage goods

How about your very own Cat Hair Trinket Box? The How Tuesday blog even gives you instructions on how to make your own so that you can wrap your Christmas presents extra  special this year

Ok so your friend is more of a jewellery person - don't worry we have something for them as well

Spirally Haze Cat Hair Necklace

This is a beautiful piece that is modeled by one of the best in her field - look at that smeyes (smiling with your eyes for all you non top model fans)

Or what about a handbag, you know a girl can never have to many of those!

And if your friend has just moved into a new house, then how about a unique piece of art work to hang in pride of place...

Cat Hair Wall Hanging

So the next time you open a gift from your friend with a cat, think about all the possible things that could be inside that package!

I'll be back xx

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